Glen Loverdale ...

Iron Arrow

Once upon a time

The story of Iron Arrow

The story of HorseWoman

Meeting them together

In the dark side of the Moon

Strange days

Strange nights

Over the black rain

Running through the Sea

Never waiting for the Sun

Days after days

Nights after nights

Iron Arrow breaks hearts

Horsewoman fights for life

Can’t stand losing dreams

Can’t stand losing love

No way out

No place to hide

Just running faster and faster

Under the laughing clouds

Amazing fight

For lost dreams

Finding nightmares

In the heat of the night

Broken Iron Arrow

Horsewoman down

Never forget the night

In the hot side of the Sun

Never forget the day

Of the black bloody evil

Dance alone on the snow

Sing alone in the pouring rain

Just another dream

During a strange night

The night of love

Between HorseWoman

And Iron Arrow

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