Glen Loverdale ...

Walking all the night

It was one of those nights

When the moon is full

Shadows in the dark

Just another dream

Before sleeping time

Nightmare begins

With a walk all the night

Just want to laugh out loud

While the moon smiles

Where is the way

So far from home

One step beyond

Another dream

During the whole night

No way out

No help to wait

So just laugh again

Never forget this night

Darkness and helpless

So are you crazy

To laugh so loud

So are you crazy

To dream again

Wait for the rising sun

For another day

Black clouds running

Under the wind

Waiting for white clouds

Hands up

Fingers to the sky

I can’t stop laughing

I wanna spend the night

In the nice dreams

Cause life is beautiful

Far from death

I’m ready to run

I’m ready to laugh

For better days

Sun is shining

In my mind

Dark night is back

Making me laugh

Again and again

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